Leads & Sales

In order to increase sales with Digital Marketing, it’s essential to know your audience first. They have specific habits and preferences that should guide your entire strategy and the actions you create in the digital environment.

Marketing Cost

Marketing Optimization is the process of improving the marketing efforts of an organization in an effort to maximize the desired business outcomes in cost effective way.

Your Brand Online

We promote our clients on all platforms. Digital marketing tactics can make a significant difference in your marketability and profitability.

Social Media Marketing


Per Month
  • 8 Creative Graphics Post
  • --
  • Paid Campaign
  • 1 Gif File
  • 3-4 Events


Per Month
  • 12 Creative Graphics Post
  • 1 Video Ad
  • Paid Campaign
  • 2 Gif File
  • 4-5 Events


Per Month
  • 16 Creative Graphics Post
  • 3 Video Ad
  • Paid Campaign
  • 3 Gif File
  • 5-6 Events
Better Deliver

No one can deliver better than us. With Kalash Bulk SMS service, Industry’s best quality SMS delivery guaranteed. With 10 years of SMSing service, We are always give the quality and best service.

Speed of SMS

We are known for our speed of SMS delivery. Automated SMS campaigns are sent with a speed of 50-100 messages per second..

High engagement

SMS has an open rate of more than 95% which is huge when compared to the 11% open rate of Emails..



  • 1 lakh messages service
  • 20 paise per message
  • Account Setup
  • Additional charge of ₹3,000 for Portal Making


  • 2 lakh messages service
  • 18 paise per message
  • No Additional Charges
  • Sender ID is of company


  • 5 lakh messages service
  • 15 paise per message
  • No Additional Charges
  • Sender ID is of company
  • DLT Support